EXHIBITION: March 2018

Show at Galerie Bengelsträter, Iserlohn,
Germany: 11.3.-10.6.2018

More than 30 landscape paintings on three floors will be shown in a joint exhibition with Christiane Erdmann at Galerie Bengelsträter in Iserlohn, Germany until 10th of June. Vernissage on Sunday, 11th of March at 11.30 a.m.. .
Gallery address: Kurt-Schumacher-Ring 20, 58636 Iserlohn. Invitation can be downloaded HERE.

Photo: © Wulf Winckelmann / Christiane Erdmann

NEWS & EXHIBITION: February 2018

First 2018 works ...

Just dried: Two of the first 2018 paintings "Spring II" and "Villaine II" (both 70 to 60 cm in size) are part of Winckelmanns 'Into the Green' series. First public display will take place at Galerie Bengelsträter – together with more than 30 other works of the artist. The show at Galerie Bengelsträter in Iserlohn (Germany) will open on Sunday 11th of March.

Photo: © Wulf Winckelmann

EXHIBITION: September & October 2017

"New work" at Galerie Kerstner, Kronberg, Germany

Abstract "Colour Objects" and new work from the "Fondamenta-series" can bee seen in a joint exhibition with Christiane Erdmann (wooden handbags and other sculptures) at Galerie Kerstner in Kronberg near Frankfurt. The show lasts until October 27th.

Photo: © Wulf Winckelmann

EXHIBITION: August –October 2017

Group exhibition about nature at Künstlerverein Walkmühle, Wiesbaden, Germany

Round about fifty international artists are presenting their personal views on nature and their ideas about the relationship between nature and mankind in future. Winckelmann shows some large size paintings from the "Into the Green"- and "Into the Blue"-series in his own studio – As it is part of the Walkmühle-complex. More information on the Walkmühle website www.walkmuehle.net

Photo: © Wulf Winckelmann