EXHIBITION: March 2021

"Vom Begreifen der Welt". Exhibition at Kunstverein Bellevuesaal,Wiesbaden, Germany: March 4th to April 4th 2021

"Vom Begreifen der Welt" is a first joint exhibition project with the German painter Jens Rausch. HERE you can see the video of an artist talk in the exhibition hall.(only in German),
Alternatively, you can take a VIRTUAL TOUR of the exhibition.

Photo: Wulf Winckelmann

EXHIBITION: March 2020

Exhibition at Bode Galerie Nürnberg, Germany: March 17th to July 31st 2020

Wulf Winckelmann and Christiane Erdmann are showing new works as an "artist couple" in the Bode Gallery in Nuremberg. The exhibition, which opened just the day before the German Corona shutdown, was extended until July 31. More exhibition views can be seen HERE.

Photo: Bode-Galerie, Nurnberg, Germany.

EXHIBITION: March 2020

"Glück" (Happiness) – Exhibition at Kunsthalle Wiesbaden and Atelierhaus Darmstadt, Germany: March-July 2020

"Happiness" is the theme of a group exhibition that can be seen in two places at the same time: In the Kunsthalle Wiesbaden and in the Atelierhaus Darmstadt. The exhibition project was curated by young people from both cities.

Photo: Wulf Winckelmann: Kunsthalle Wiesbaden, 2012.